Kids Helping Kids Raise Thousands For Community

December 10, 2013

Students will raffle off Mini Cooper on Jan. 11 at benefit concert

Victoria Sanchez, KEYT - KCOY - KKFX Anchor/Reporter,

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Students in the advanced placement economics class at San Marcos High School are raising thousands of dollars for the community.

The students make up Kids Helping Kids, the nonprofit on campus.

The AP economics starts out like any other class as kids find their seat and put their cellphones away. But then the students take over.

"We're asking for $100,000 for five years. So every year we're going to get that hopefully," said a student about a future fundraising effort.

The classroom turns into the Kids Helping Kids headquarters.

"It's just fun for us to feel like we're doing something important. I think that's what it comes down to. We actually get to have a say in what happens in class. And Kids Helping Kids and econ become one," said Carter Hudson, the Kids Helping Kids CEO.

The goal is to teach the students responsibility and business skills while helping others.

"This is a great responsibility for us to join and give back to the community which is awesome. I think it's incredible because we're only students in high school," said student Agustin Angel.

The group has raised thousands of dollars to help students pay for needs such as advanced placement and SAT exams or even a wheelchair for a disabled student. They have also sent money to help young people in Africa.

Now, they are raffling off a Mini Cooper. Tickets are $10 and the winner will be announced at the annual benefit concert on Jan. 11 at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara.

On Friday, Hudson will join two other students and a teacher to meet with a big casino boss in Las Vegas. It's just one a the dozen Fortune 500 CEOs they'll meet with.

"Maybe partner with them financially, but more so just have the opportunity to go into a meeting in a more high pressure situation and meet with some really influential people," said Hudson.

For more information on how to purchased a Mini Cooper raffle ticket, click here.

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