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January 07, 2014

Kids Helping Kids was featured on KEYT News. Big thanks to Victoria Sanchez for coming out and spending some time with us. 

For 13 years the advanced-placement economics class at San Marcos High School has turned their classroom into a board room. Jamie DeVries is the economics teacher for more than 130 high school seniors. He knows how to make his kids remember the information. "Instead of just doing supply and demand -- you know, looking at chapter three in our econ book, to learn this worksheet or this quiz -- they're learning all that but the best part is they're taking all that information and making it applicable to real life," he said.

That application comes when the teens operate their own nonprofit called Kids Helping Kids. Half of the classroom is for school work and the other half is for their organization. The students hold daily meetings and plan out the year.

"We work as a group and we make decisions in a group and fail or succeed as a group," said Peter Greig, the non-profit chief executive officer.

Every year, a new group of seniors work together for the big fundraiser. In years past, the concert at the Granada Theater has been host to artists like Andy Grammer, Switchfoot and Sara Barreilles.

For the January 10 event, platinum-selling artist Ingrid Michaelson and singer Jon McLaughlin will be the featured artists.

The money from tickets and other fundraising events will hopefully bring in some big bucks.

"This year we're hoping to gross $350,000 and net $200,000," said Greig.

Around 75 percent of the money raised stays local and the students decide where it goes.

"For any student that can't pay for their AP or SAT tests, which are tests students need to get into college, we cover that cost. So last year we gave 200 scholarships out, which is amazing because those tests range to about $100," said Tiana Gong, with Kids Helping Kids.

Gong knows how important it is to get the exams paid for. The non-profit paid for three of her tests last year.

The high school seniors work in between classes, after school and even on the weekends to make sure they help in every way they can.

For tickets or more information on the Kids Helping Kids concert, click here.

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